Nu’s Journey

On the family farm in Ang Thong province, a young Nu and his father were surrounded by fields of jasmine rice and fresh produce. The ability to wake up every day by the sounds of live animals and the vision of fresh seafood in the waters drove Nu to have a passion for food like no other. Watching his mother create food with limited amount resources but with an abundance of love is what Nu represents in every dish he creates. His life in his small village consisted of hard work, family, and of course amazing food.

As life threw Nu many obstacles, his passion for cooking always prevailed and the fire in his heart and soul never compromised his dream of showing the world how his hands and heart work together to bring happiness to peoples lives through food.

As Nu was raised with strong family morals, he now brings his own family together with food and expresses his love through telling stories of his childhood and how his passion for cooking begun.

Nu’s cooking career started over 30 years ago and opened his first restaurant in 2006 in Adelaide. Chef Nu has a published cookbook, facilitated cooking workshops and created inspiring Thai menus across the world.

A Nu Story

Chef Nu is excited to announce that his long awaited first cookbook is now available. You can buy it from Lantern by Nu when you come to experience the Thai street style cooking in the restaurant.

Boasting a unique decor designed to instantly draw you into the space, the restaurant delights the senses. With multiple rooms for different styles of dining, we’re sure you’ll find space you enjoy.

The balanced, well matched wine and cocktail list is designed to enhance the extraordinary food and Nu offers regularly changing specials to add to the excitement. We are always happy to see our wonderful customers enjoying themselves, and you might just catch Nu for a drink when he’s not cooking up a storm.